T-Shirt in Bangladesh

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The tee shirt is the most trendy, fashionable, comfortable fashion wear, especially for men. Bangladesh makes finest Tee shirt in the world.

T-shirt in Bangladesh

The t-shirt is the most trendy, fashionable, comfortable fashion wear, especially for men. Bangladesh makes finest Tee shirt in the world. We have around 8 to 9 months of scorching warm weather, and men tend to prefer t-shirts over any other dress. mib - Made in Bangladesh has started its journey in 2015 and since then it is making best Tee Shirt for their beloved customers. 



T-shirt looks odd if it is not fit properly, you would like to wear a t-shirt which complements you at the best. Try it and wear it if you feel very comfortable with the fitting.


T-shirt size comes in various sizes and patterns, the different manufacturer has a different pattern. So it is always best to try it out before buying it. You might wear an M from one brand but if you try M size from other brands it might be small or big for you depending on their pattern.


Tee shirt comes in various color. There is quite a few popular colour for men, like, navy blue, black, yet recently people are not afraid to try different colours like yellow or light pink.


mib - Made in Bangladesh try to focus best on their fabrics. We make most of our t-shirt out of 100% cotton fabrics, which is most comfortable in warm weather like Bangladesh. But depending on the look and trend we might mix it up to get the best look.


T-shirts come with various sleeve type:

a) Sleeveless: People usually wear this at the gym or in the playground, it is very comfortable to wear.

b) Short sleeve: 
It is the most popular sleeve style. You can wear it in the party or any other occasion, outing with friends and family.

c) Long sleeve: 
People usually wear full sleeve in the winter. It is very comfortable in the cold, you can wear it under a jacket or the sweater. Sleeping with the full sleeve tee shirt in the winter can be very comfy.


: mib - Made in Bangladesh deliver their t-shirt all over Bangladesh. If you want to try a very comfortable and trendy tee shirt, choose your design, right size and order without doubt. 

Return: If it does not fit you, you can return it and get the right size. It is always better to consult with us or have a look the size chart before ordering. 

If you would like to get the best t-shirt with reasonable price in Bangladesh, order with mib.com.bd

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