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Why shall I buy panjabi in Bangladesh?


Panjabi is one of the most popular dresses especially for men in Bangladesh. There are a lot of occasions where panjabi is directly related to Bangladesh culture, like, Eid ul Fitr, Adha, Puja and Bengali new year. It's very popular among Muslim as well as Hindu. People in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan wear panjabi more than anywhere else. Panjabi is an ethnic dress, and it's one of the most popular ethnic dress in Bangladesh. You can buy the best sort of panjabi in Bangladesh from our shop at mib-Made in Bangladesh or online at


Panjabi is very comfortable to wear. Most of the panjabi is made of cotton, it gives extra comfort in the warm area like Bangladesh.


You can look cool at the party or any tradition event in panjabi in Bangladesh. It is an amazing dress to look sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Variety of panjabi in Bangladesh


This type of panjabi in Bangladesh goes under your knee. It was hugely popular but it is bit declining over time


This type of panjabi touches your knee. This type of panjabi is getting very popular.


Though it wasn't very popular, but it is kinda trendy nowadays. Short panjabi is a bit longer than shirt and katua or kurta but shorter than sem-long panjabi.

Which fabrics are better for Panjabi in Bangladesh?


Cotton is best for panjabi in Bangladesh. It will give you comforts and cool feel in hot summer. mib - Made in Bangladesh ( provides most of their panajabi in 100% cotton.


You can use the mix fabrics, it usually comes in 40% polyester and 60% cotton. You will feel a bit warm in summer, it is suitable for the winter time.

Design of panjabi in Bangladesh


Basic panjabi is getting very popular over time. People are all age like this basic type of panjabi, especially younger generation is in love with it.


People still try this type of panjabi, but heavy embroidery isn't very popular. People like small works or a little touch of work on the chest area.

Karchupi (hand-work)

There was a great demand for this type of panjabi in Bangladesh. Karchupi is losing its popularity.

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