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  • Full Sleeve T-Shirt

    Full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh

    Why full sleeve t-shirt?

    If you would like to look cool at this winter, there are some great options, like full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh. You can easily add this to your casual wardrobe as it is not gonna be too cold at the beginning of the winter in Bangladesh. So you can go outside easily with this full sleeve t-shirt, hang around with friend and look cool and trendy.

    Where to buy, how to buy full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh?

    There are many online websites and retail stores sell full sleeve t-shirt, but you if you are after some cool design and trendy look, shop with mib.com.bd. You can purchase online or collect from our shop. You can contact on our facebook page or give us a call directly.

    What style shall I choose?

    There are variety of style in terms of full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh. You can choose from round neck or v neck. You can choose print or basic depending on you style and taste. Always try to be trendy, as you are not going to use it for long period of time. Winter and cold doesn't stay for longer period of time, so it is better to use something fashionable and trendy. Always choose 100% cotton full sleeve t-shirt.

    What color is the best option for full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh?

    In mib -  Made in Bangladesh we always focus on the trendy color. Our designer team start work in advance and predict the best color which going to be trendy in winter in Bangladesh. We always keep in mind the taste of Bangladeshi people and what going around the world and always choose the best color which going to be the best fit for full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh.

    Cash on delivery and Collection from store

    mib.com.bd provides cash on delivery service. So you can order online and get the delivery in your door step. You can pay cash after checking your full sleeve t-shirt. You can always collect from our retail shop, we have trail room where you can try before you can purchase.

    Let's rock in this winter with full sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh with mib - Made in Bangladesh.

T-shirt in Bangladesh

mib - Made in Bangladesh is the manufacturer of the best quality t-shirt. You can come to our store and try it out before purchase or you can order online from the website and we will deliver it to you anywhere in Bangladesh. We provide best fabrics, cool and trendy design, sophisticated style. Believe in us, shop with confidence, if you try just one tee shirt, we are confident that you will come back for more.

Why should you buy t-shirt in Bangladesh?


T-shirt is very cool products to wear in warm weather like in Bangladesh. It gets very warm in the winter and it stays like this around 9 months in the whole year. T-shirt will give you very comfortable feel. You can beat the hit with t-shirt and yet look very cool.


T-shirt is very trendy in Bangladesh, people wear those anywhere they go. It will give you perfect look for more occasion. If you keep an eye online you will be able to see all the best collection and trendy design.

mib - Made in Bangladesh team work all year long to get the idea what is going on in terms of design in the world. They take all of those into their account and make perfect design which is going to suit the taste in Bangladesh people. So you are always up to dated with the design and trend.

Where to get the best t-shirt in Bangladesh?

Retail store

Most of the fashion retail store you will visit will have t-shirt collection in their shops or into their store. It is probably the best selling products in Bangladesh in terms of quantity. We have got retails shops where you can come and try from our extra ordinary collections and get the one you like.


Shopping online is getting more popular day by day. You can shops literally anything you want. Huge number of t-shirt is sold everyday online in Bangladesh. Mib.com.bd has got some great collections which you can order online and it will be delivered to your door step.

What is the best collar shape for t-shirt in Bangladesh?

Round neck

It is one of the most common collar type which is used for t-shirt. If you have bit heavier shape, you will always look better in round shaped necked t-shirt.


It is very trendy and fashionable, but is not as popular as round shaped one. You can try this depending on your body shape.

What sizes of t-shirt you should buy?

T-shirt comes in different sizes. Usually we have small (S), medium (M), Large (L), extra large (XL), and double extra large (2XL). Small start from the chest size 38, followed by 40, 42, 44 consecutively.

We always work on the pattern of our t-shirt and make sure we provide the best shape and design. Our designer and manufacturer team is always working on it to keep it up to dated.

What fabrics shall I buy?


If you try 100% cotton t-shirt in Bangladesh it will give you the extra comfortableness. It will absorb the sweat and keep you dry for whole day long.


Good quality polyester can be comfortable as well. It is vastly used for jersey and sports t-shirt.

What sort of sleeve shall I choose for t-shirt in Bangladesh?


You can wear t-shirt with no sleeve on. It is best used for sports and gym. It is good way to show your bicep, it allows your skin to breath and helps you to seat less. Do not rushing off cutting all of our t-shirt and make all sleeveless. Try some of the t-shirt with no sleeve then try to feel how does it go with you then you can try more.

Half sleeve

It is most popular type of sleeve in t-shirt. You can wear it seven days a week without tiring off and still won't be boared. It is most comfortable in summer. You can hang out with friends and go outside with full confident with half sleeve t-shirt in Bangladesh.

Long sleeve

It is most common in winter time. Bangladesh is warm country and winter stay here for only 3/4 months. You can try long sleeve t-shirt. It is very comfortable in winter in Bangladesh.

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Half sleeve

Long sleeve